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Compressed Air / Breathing Air Validation

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Compressed Air or Breathing Air or Nitrogen Gas validation is a critical component in the production of pharmaceutical and Food industry and effects on the quality of the end product. Vitro Labs has understood the importance of risks by testing the air against quality standards, testing, giving accurate results and advising the risk factor to the clients. Vitro Labs providing services for testing of Compressed Air, Breathing Air & Nitrogen Gas. In some industries where the process require extremely high quality air along with Breathing Air Validation, Instrument Air Validation and Nitrogen Gas Validation

The Quality of Compressed Air / Breathing Air is important to ensure that product is safe. The most important parameters in specifying Compressed air or Breathing air quality are:

  • Dew point
  • Oil content
  • Particulate matter
  • Moisture / water content
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Gaseous Impurities like, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Hydrocarbons, Sulphur dioxide, Oxides of Nitrogen
  • Viable count (preferably by the respective client)
  • NVPC (Non-viable Particulate Count)

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