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Indoor Air Quality


Indoor Air Quality Services Hyderabad | Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor Air Quality monitoring is the key step to ensure quality of the air. People usually spend most of their time at software blocks, offices, homes and other indoor environments.

In fact, some kinds of air pollution can be worse indoors than outdoors, such as Insufficient of amount of outside air that is supplied to the interior space and also the indoor environment results from the interaction of the site, theclimate, the building system, the potential contaminant sources (e.g.,furnishings, moisture sources, work processes and activities, and outdoorpollutants), and the building occupants.

The physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of indoor air innon-residential workplaces with no internal industrial processes oroperations that can affect the comfort or health of the occupant.

Environmental parameters, such as lighting, noise, vibration,ergonomics, overcrowding and other psychosocial issues which mayaffect a person’s perception and satisfaction of the built environment andindoor air quality.

An IAQ investigation attempts to isolate and mitigate one or moreproblems of the office building environment. The approach is solutionorientedand systematically narrows the range of possibilities.

The generally accepted guidelines for ventilation and IAQ areASHRAE Standard 62-1989, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor AirQuality other international standards like., ACGIH American Conference of Governmental IndustrialHygienists.

CO2, Carbon dioxide is recognized by ASHRAE as the surrogate ventilation index or the only measurable variable. CO2 levels in an air conditioned room are a good indicator of occupancy and ventilation rate within a space. CO2 by itself is not considered an indoor air contaminant and humans are the major source of CO2. However, if, CO2 levels in a room are higher than 1000 ppm, then it is an indication that not enough air is coming in to dilute the CO2 level. The indoor air is being recirculated and the level of other pollutants is also high. Measurement of CO2 is easy and Vitro Labs has the latest instruments with calibration cerficates to measure it within the enclosed space.

Along with CO2, We can also measure CO, O2, TVOC, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Particulate Matter and Micro-organisms such as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Legionella which causes respiratory diseases, Total Bacterial Count, Yeasts & Molds etc., according to ASHRAE requirement.

Vitro Labs is giving you the best service with sophisticated Indoor Air Quality Equipment to monitor the air as per ASHRAE / ACGIH / OSHA and NIOSH requirements, giving accurate results and advice the customers or public.

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